Trying BellePoque

This skirt costs just under $40 on amazon and for that price you could reasonably expect it to be fair quality.  This skirt delivers more than just fair quality.  It is a nice heavy weight fabric with multiple layers and it has a drawstring at either side on the back so that you can create this lovely gathered look which is perfect for a bustle, or leave it down for a seamless full skirt.

New Year Nostalgian

When I first saw this skirt and vest I knew they had to go together and I love the outcome of that pairing, but I also see some cottage core vibes in the skirt if paired with a pinafore apron and some serious 1940s if the vest were paired with a pussy bow top and some high waist trousers, so the versatility is there and I can't wait to try out some more looks with these two pieces. 

BellePoque Review

Belle Poque draws on the classics of those eras to maximize the retro style; from elegant to minimalist. Belle Poque aims to develop the charm of the times and extend the exquisite taste of bygone eras. They aim to create a wide range of garments in a myrid of colours and sizes including a variety of vintage dresses, skirts, pants, tops and 50’s accessories. T